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Title: HTML export and my take on existing requests
Post by: jowidi on August 16, 2008, 01:24:13 PM
When you want to reinforce a habit it's often useful to make yourself accountable to others. Putting up the current consistency state on a website would be a way to do this. So being able to export the contents of a SC window - with the option to select the number of past and future days shown - would be great. This would at the same time give us the ability to print that list of things we promised to do and pin it to the wall/fridge. Can this be done with an XLT file? Sciral data are already saved as XML files, so isn't turning that into an HTML file easy?

From the existing requests my favorites are skip markers and skip weekdays (e.g. every thursday, every weekend, probably even things like every last saturday of the month etc.) closely followed by categories and/or folding of sub-sections.

BTW, sciral is already a great little tool that helps me organizing things that were difficult to track before

Title: Re: HTML export and my take on existing requests
Post by: Joe Pearce on August 18, 2008, 08:39:43 PM
It should be possible to convert the XML of the save files to HTML, but the "DayData" value is not currently documented. This is where the task completion information is stored. If someone seriously wants to write a conversion program/tool/etc., we might find the time to document the format of the DayData value.

Skipping particular days (weekends, holidays, etc.) is on our enhancement list.