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Title: Category list as high level view
Post by: nascif on November 08, 2009, 04:28:49 PM
I just installed the iPhone application a couple of days ago and I really like consistency - I think it is a great implementation of a concept that has never been completely captured by other productivity tools.

I think the initial page that shows the available categories could be better used, though. Right now it only provides the list of available categories, but does not provide any information on the categories themselves. It could provide a summary of the activities under that category, to allow a high-level view right there from the first page. I could use this to look first at the category with more "inconsistencies" (red and yellow) and skip looking at the ones where things were fine (green and blue).

This could be an "average" of the state of tasks associated with each category, and it could be reflected using the same color coding already familiar to Consistency users. An optional counter, set of counters or percentage (how many late out of total number of tasks) could be displayed as well. Sorting options could also be available. I love that Consistency can tell me which tasks to look into next based on different criteria - it would be great to have that for categories too.

Note that I don't use categories as contexts in the GTD sense; as a knowledge worker, I can do most of my tasks anywhere I have a computer connected to the Interned. In that sense the categories are really there to provide groupings more than physical context, so having Consistency helping me to sort them would be very useful.