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Title: Small Functionality
Post by: magicseth on April 02, 2005, 05:21:07 PM
Hey there, great product.
Rarely do I register a product the same day I download it!

Some things I would like to see in the mac version:

- Scrollwheel ability to move around the document
- Ability to change date display format and/or hide the date reference.  Sometimes I don't care exactly when, I just want to get a big picture of how on top of things I am
- highlighting of current row.  If I click on a task, it is difficult to judge which row it belongs to off towards the right

To add my vote to already asked for features:

- items in the future should be "intent" or todo and synced to ical
- hierarchical items would be great
- option to automatically sort items based on when they will be ready/overdue

Extras that aren't mission critical:
- Create new item by double clicking in the white space at the end of a list. Use default target ranges, but allow them to be changed by "resizing" dragging the line between dates
- apple scriptability (and the ability to run a script when a task becomes ready or overdue.  I would use this to add ready items to my GTD in OmniOutliner Pro.)
- have predefined schedules that you can apply to new items

Thanks a lot!

PS: on reflection, I would REALLY like the ability to run scripts when an item becomes ready.

Title: Small Functionality
Post by: magicseth on April 03, 2005, 09:55:12 AM
Add to that the ability to search my list to find a name.  Perhaps as you type, it highlights the nearest match like the finder does?

I like it.

Title: Small Functionality
Post by: magicseth on April 05, 2005, 05:50:27 AM
add to highlighting of the current row, highlighting of the current day's column.  On a long list, it is hard to see which column is today's when the date (which is higlighted way at the top).


Title: Small Functionality
Post by: Robert McNally on April 06, 2005, 10:16:08 PM

Version 1.1 (available very soon!) will have scroll wheel (and 2nd mouse button) support, as well as a number of other most asked-for usability enhancements.

Thanks for your suggestions-- I do read and prioritize every one, so if anyone out there wants to second Seth's suggestions, please do so!

Title: Small Functionality
Post by: falkaholic on May 02, 2005, 09:55:48 PM
Good ideas. Good to hear an update is coming.

Title: Small Functionality
Post by: rick30316 on July 06, 2005, 03:06:46 PM
What a sweet, useful application, and thanks for keeping it simple. An interface update and new icon would help it, but hey, it keeps me on top of household chores, watering plants, vehicle maintenance, changing the AC filter, brushing the dogs every 3 - 5 days, keeping up with people and so much more.

No need to integrate with iCal. iCal has a task list. Sciral isn't for those kinds of to-do's.


Title: Small Functionality
Post by: inspiritor on September 06, 2005, 09:54:04 AM
Yes, there is a need to integrate with iCal, but not for the task list.

If one can have a 'Consistency' calendar containing the end-dates for target ranges, one can have said dates appear/disappear on my calendar (by toggling the 'Consistency' calendar on/off) so that I can figure out when I've time to complete a task.

For example, if the end-date is 3 days in the future, but my calendar indicates that I am out of town days 2 & 3, then I must perform the task by tomorrow.

And, alarms can be set for X (minutes, hours, days) before the end-time so that critical tasks are done (like administering medication). This amplifies Consistency's usefulness as it leverages iCal's alarms.

It's much easier to see this on my calendar than to keep switching applications. And I get alarms, notes, and other features without them needing to be implemented in Consistency.

See also my post on the 'Linking Events' topic regarding 'pivotal' and 'dependent' tasks.