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Title: Frequently Requested Features
Post by: Robert McNally on December 07, 2004, 06:36:18 PM
Your feedback will helping us plan the next update of Sciral Consistency. The following is a list of frequently requested features (not included in Sciral Consistency 1.1), so if you see it listed here, you don't need to post it again (unless you really want to, of course.)  :) Just create a new topic in this forum and describe what you'd like to see.

BTW, some have wondered why they can't reply directly to this message-- it's just because I want new feature requests to be in their own threads-- not as part of this message's thread. Just click "New Topic," above.
  • Notes: Attach free-form text notes to tasks, dates, or completion cells.
  • Palm Version: A version for PalmOS, with the ability to sync to the Mac and Windows versions.
  • Categories: Tasks can be arranged in a hierarchical fashion.
  • To Do Manager: Make Consistency more fit for management of traditional one-shot to-do items.
  • iCal integration: Integrate Consistency with Apple's iCal.
  • Printing: Print out charts and worksheets.
  • Disable Weekdays: For each task, allow certain days (such as weekends) to be "disabled" so they don't count against the overdue-ness of the task.
  • Intent markers: Allow a symbol to be put on future dates that only changes the coloring while it's in the future, but not after it's date passes.
  • Reset markers: Allow a symbol that resets the coloring without indicating an actual completion.
  • Skip markers: Allow a symbol that indicates non-completion with a valid reason (e.g., vacation.)
  • Choice of time granularities: Documents that operate not just on a daily basis, but hourly, weekly, or monthly.
  • AppleScript support: Allow Consistency to interact with other applications.
Remember, I'm not promising these will get done in any particular order, or even that they will get done at all! But your feedback is extremely important in deciding which will get done, and in what order.

Title: Frequently Requested Features
Post by: Robert McNally on July 01, 2005, 01:49:54 AM
So with the release of Sciral Consistency 1.1 list of Frequently Requested Features has shortened somewhat. I have edited the above post to reflect the new state of affairs.