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Title: Sciral Lifepage Available
Post by: Robert McNally on July 01, 2005, 02:02:14 AM
Sciral, makers of Sciral Consistency™ productivity software announced the availability of their free LifePage™ ( service. LifePage allows users to download printable PDF calendars in three formats: multi-page monthly calendars (MonthPage™), single-page yearly calendars (YearPage™) and the single-page 100-year calendar that begins in the year of the user's birth (LifePage™). "It's astounding to see your entire life on a single page," says Sciral President Robert McNally. "It really gives a sense of perspective on how precious each day really is." The YearPage format is also useful for getting a quick overview of major yearly events such as trips and conferences, and the MonthPage format is useful for traditional appointment planning. "Many people still love paper calendars," says Robert, "and I've tried to add some artistic sensibility into this mix of tradition and technology."