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Title: How I Use Consistency
Post by: Robert McNally on December 07, 2004, 06:49:36 PM
I don't know whether this will surprise anyone or not, but the main reason I created Sciral Consistency is to keep track of my workouts. For years I've lifted weights, and I got very tired of traditional "split" routines where I would work one set of muscles M/W/F and another set T/Th/S. This struck me as quite rigid and didn't always allow for my body to recover properly between workouts, much less allow for the chaotic nature of my life in general.

I wanted a way where I could set a "recovery range" for each muscle group, to avoid either overtraining or undertraining. I realized this general idea extended to many other sorts of tasks. Thus was born Sciral Consistency.

So my "Workout" document has each major muscle group listed as a separate task, and my target ranges reflect my experience of how long each group takes to recover. I plan my workouts based on which muscles are recovered on the given day I go to the gym. Doing things this way keeps things fresh and interesting, and avoids a lot of the dull monotony of the having the exact same workouts week after week.

Title: How I Use Consistency
Post by: lobrien on December 08, 2004, 01:41:21 PM
Yes, the very first Tasks I entered were exercise-related. Which brings up a couple feature requests, like notes (and, from there, export to CSV so you could graph progress in Excel...).

The second tasks I entered were "Keep in touch with..."

And then came the boring stuff -- garbage, bills, haircut...  

Title: How I Use Consistency
Post by: stephenfleming on December 08, 2004, 01:59:55 PM
I have both 'exercise' and the same 'boring stuff'... but I also use tasks without a target range to keep track of when my DSL service goes out.  I used that to make a case to BellSouth that got me a $250 refund!  What a deal!  

Title: How I Use Consistency
Post by: cluelass on December 08, 2004, 02:44:18 PM
My plants are alive thanks to Consistency. I also use it for some medical equipment maintenance -- rinse filters every week, etc. Theoretically I could put this on the calendar, but as a procrastinator of longstanding, I fall into the trap of: I'm 3 days late, might as well wait until next week. Consistency closes that loophole and works much better for me than a calendar. I first saw recommendation on TidBITS newsletter, good advice.
Kate, aka Cluelass

Title: How I Use Consistency
Post by: falkaholic on May 02, 2005, 09:41:09 PM
I used mine for most of the same. I have a language task on mine to get to me to study language on a regular basis. Also, I have backups for my various computers.

Title: Re: How I Use Consistency
Post by: balut on March 11, 2008, 06:17:07 AM
I've used SC to track, at home:

Routine home and vehicle maintenance
Organizational upkeep (Quicken, paper file purging, GTD weekly review, bill paying, computer backups, etc.)
Self-discipline on projects (keeping a journal, walking daily, study)
Relapses of bad habits (e.g. fast food)
Social (track frequency of contact with friends and family so I keep up more regularly).
Vague leisure goals (e.g. do something outdoorsy at least every three weeks or so)

Whenever I throw together a to-do list, I flag any flexibly recurring task with a trademark symbol () and add it to SC.

I couldn't use SC at work due to IT's freak-out about user-installed software, but could see using it in for tracking, if needed:

Performance reviews.
Frequency of delegation.
Frequency of employees requesting additional assignments.
Routine paperwork completion.
Incidents of conflict.
One-to-one interaction with staff.
Complaints by category.
Informal meeting frequency.
Daily task completion and goal achievement.
Information updates (phone list, etc.)
Contact frequency with vendors, key clients, your professional network, managers, etc.