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Title: My Collection Of Requests
Post by: classic695 on July 26, 2005, 08:13:54 PM
These are the things, listed in order of ease of implementation, that I think need to be addressed to make Consistency into a top-notch program.  I love it already, but like all great works-in-progress, it still needs some work:

- I. Interface Changes and Usability Enhancements (things that ought to be
  done as quickly as possible)
    - A. Shade the entire "Today" column for easier reference on long task
    - B. Allow columns to be selected, shading the columns a different
    - C. Shade alternating rows to a different degree to show difference
      rather than the current grid system (more like a modern OS X app)
        - 1. In general, make the interface more modern and OS X-like
    - D. Standardize and simplify selection: clicking the name only fully
      selects the tasks
        - 1. Use Command-I to open an inspector palette to modify all
          aspects of the task
    - E. Add a New Task button to the bottom of the task list and allow a
      double-click under the task list to create a new task
- II. Minor Functionality Improvements (things that ought to be done for
  the next planned minor revision)
    - A. Add a Notes field to the inspector palette and show the first
      line (as a subheading) under the task (perhaps in italics and
    - B. Support partial-completion (use the three-bar system like iCal's
      to-dos through a contextual menu)
- III. Significant Feature Additions (things that might need to wait until a
  major revision)
    - A. Allow tasks to be tagged and labeled, and allow labels to be
        - 1. Each task can have as many tags as one wants (a field in the
          inspector), but only one label, which determines its text
          color in the list
    - B. Allow tasks to be assigned a specific priority, in addition to
      the current automatic one
        - 1. The bubble stays on the left, and the user-set priority is a
          background around the text of the task's name (like a label
          assigned to a document in the Finder)
    - C. A dynamic searching facility, based upon task name, tags, label,
      and notes
        - 1. Support Spotlight searches, as well as Automator/AppleScript
    - D. Support non-recurring tasks and specific (rather than fuzzy)
- IV. Other Changes
    - A. Use an open, plain-text XML or SQLite storage format

Some of these are already on the requested list, I just wanted to synthesize my findings and see if any of you had any comments.