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Title: Linking Tasks?
Post by: kuritaro on August 26, 2005, 11:09:44 AM
One thing I'd like to see (and if it's already there and I've missed it, please do let me know!) is the ability to link tasks. Specifically, I need to do task A every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on temperature, growth rates, etc. (I'm a biologist culturing samples). But I need to do task B exactly 3 days after completing task A, whenever that was.

I can go in and diddle the target date for task B every time, depending on when I completed A, but it would be nice to have Consistency do that for me. Of course, maybe I'm the only one out here in this situation....

Chris Jones

Title: Linking Tasks?
Post by: inspiritor on September 06, 2005, 08:58:26 AM
I second the request, but from a different perspective: I have task dependencies BEFORE a given task (as well as during).

To illustrate with a generic example, I have a vacation home that I wish to visit atleast 4 times per year. When I click on a date to indicate the beginning of a visit, dependencies 'activate', such as:

turn on electricity (1x, must be completed before arrival)

schedule propane deliveries (1x per month for each month of the visit, first delivery must be within 1st month of arrival)

take a 5-mile hike (atleast 1x per week)

reroute my mail (if visit is over 2 weeks)

turn off electricity upon leaving (1x)


A 'pivotal' task triggers 'dependent' tasks (and opens a new document with the name matching that of the pivotal task). When said pivotal-start-event is scheduled (future occurrence), the dependent tasks document opens (with a colored background or other visual cue to differentiate it). When a pivotal-end-event is scheduled, tasks related are mapped (or brighten from a dimmed/inactive state). Preference setting may toggle the visibility of dependent-task documents, optionally pertaining to start/end dates.

Said dependent task document has a start date and an optional end date defined as part of the process of designating a parent task as 'pivotal'. These dates are relative to the pivotal date, and set the date range for the dependent-task document.

This is just a start at illustrating task dependencies. It also seems to me to be functionally possible given Sciral's structure.

Expansions on this idea welcome. Thanks.

Title: Linking Tasks?
Post by: falkaholic on September 12, 2005, 10:51:20 AM
Sounds like you guys are expecting a little too much. Its all about intervals. You'd might be better off with a little FileMaker database or something.  I might try and hack something together like that for fun for you.

Title: Linking Tasks?
Post by: McNatt on November 17, 2005, 07:38:44 AM
For a straightforward suggestion on how to implement task dependencies without trying to turn Consistency into a project management application, please see Task Dependencies in Sciral's Consistency (

I really appreciate and recommend Consistency; I also think adding this feature may be possible without overhauling the program.

(I posted the page on my website since these forums wouldn't accept my html coding. No hard feelings!)

Title: Linking Tasks?
Post by: Robert McNally on November 18, 2005, 12:25:01 PM

Sorry about duplicate replies to your three feature requests-- I read them all and I deeply appreciate your support and the time and thought you put into your requests. I am currently looking at features for a future version of Sciral Consistency, and will definitely consider your ideas. Thanks again!