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Title: Some Sciral Consistency features for iPhone & Desktop
Post by: mazen on July 10, 2012, 03:12:32 PM
iPhone/DesktopSyncing via .consis files:
As these files are compartively small in size, I feel that email import/exports would be a good balance between the current deprecation of wifi sync (perhaps due to too many individual network compliance issues) vs a plugging in the iPhone for file sharing.  This would double as a cloud-independent personal backup system and with Sciral program itself not being terribly large, I would venture to say a USB version would work really well also and treble the opportunities for use.  For cross platform consider Java versions And how you roll almost 4 suggestions in one folks :)

Alert Reminders:
Although this is venturing into daily planner category it could still be a useful tool to have for the iPhone (local alerts) and desktop alerts. You could also enhance by email alerts as well.  These alerts could be as simple as a specific alert set to go off for a specific task on a specific date or more global options like remind me whenever any task or task x,y,&z turn yellow, are 2 days before yellow, are two days in the red..etc!

Additionally, for the iPhone, such a global 'fuzzy' alarm which monitors tasks going into certain colors to alert you would be a perfect pairing to complement the actual strength of the program itself as something that manages tasks intelligently by also setting alerts intelligently.  As a bonus for the end user, this means not having to go into each respective task and choose an alert. I can set any task for any dates and reliably count my global alert to ring it in when it approaches/hits a certain color block

Categories, or Nested Documents:
Instead of the current style of having separate windows for separate documents, a nesting hierarchical capability (as mentioned in sticky) would be very useful whether it is branches leading to separate documents altogether or nested categories within a document.

Horizontal Scrolling for Desktop:
This is kind of just laziness but would be very useful for those of us that have mice with wheels as many do come with it and if an option was given in the desktop to allow mouse wheel to control horizontal scrolling it would make navigating long timelines very easy.

This is just for following up on performances but it would be nice to have listed metrics or graphical statistical displays of tasks being performed, and on which color.  For eg. a simple pie chart for yellow/red/blue/green to show where most of my tasks are being completed (as if I don't already know!).
This could of course be enhanced into projecting risk so if there is a task that over a certain number of days has been continually hitting red every now and then, it could deem the position of most priority proactively vs current retroactive view by sorting order.

Overall ramp up on graphics/design would be nice as the program is simple and efficient but is no beauty pageant contender in desktop/iPhone apps :)

I look forward to constructive feedback from all, thanks.

Title: Re: Some Sciral Consistency features for iPhone & Desktop
Post by: PRip on September 24, 2012, 04:55:15 PM
I agree with all of these ideas, but came here specifically request the first: notification integration for the iPhone. I am baffled why this doesn't exist. What reason is there to have ported the software to the iPhone if it doesn't actively remind you when tasks are ready to be acted. The other alternative is to check the app daily, which is less effective and likely to be forgotten.