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Title: Sciral Consistency 1.1.3 for Windows
Post by: Joe Pearce on October 01, 2006, 02:19:08 PM
A new version of Sciral Consistency for Windows is available. Version 1.1.3 has the following bug fixes:

Change Start Date: When trying to change the start date of a task and selecting OK without altering the date, the program would set the start date to a random date (most likely in the far future). Now the program will properly leave the start date alone.

Startup Documents: If there were any documents marked to be loaded at program startup and all those documents were renamed or deleted, the program would fail to start. Now the program will start with an empty document in this case.

Auto-save: If the preference to auto-save documents is enabled, the program might still ask the user if a document should be saved when the computer is shutdown or restarted. The program will now just auto-save and exit.

There are no new features.