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Title: Skip markers
Post by: jasont on October 01, 2006, 03:00:34 PM
This is on the frequently requested list... but skip markers is the one thing that I really want to see above all others, so consider this another person requesting the feature.  Pretty please.

I've been using the program for a over a month.  What I've started to notice is that the color coding is becoming worthless and confusing on some tasks that require me to be at home.  If I'm not at home on those days, the squares show as red for several days -- implying that I was slacking off.  But I wasn't, I was just away.  I could come home and mark all the missed days as complete so that they show as green, but then I have no way knowing which days I actually completed the task.

The implementation of this feature doesn't have to be elaborate to meet my needs.  I just want to right-click on a square and choose "Insert Skip Marker."   How hard can it be to keep a list of days that are marked as skipped?

# Skip markers: Allow a symbol that indicates non-completion with a valid reason (e.g., vacation.)

Title: Re: Skip markers
Post by: matt on January 23, 2007, 12:59:09 PM
I like this idea, too. I imagine the implementation would be relatively straightforward, given that support for the notion of active/inactive already exists in the program.

Actually there may be a bug in the active/inactive implementation. If I create a new target range (inactive) to cover a weekend vacation, e.g. Friday and Saturday, and a new (active) range beginning on Sunday, and I check the Sunday box as completed, it shows up in red. I think it should be green in this case -- the first day of a new range, when completed, should be green by definition, no?

See attached image (assuming the upload works) -- it shows a red completed box following a 2-day inactive period. If I create the new active range to begin Monday, then Monday is green, but Sunday is grey (despite being marked as done).