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Title: inconsistency in Consistency
Post by: matt on January 23, 2007, 12:45:26 PM
When creating a new task, Consistency shows a single window that lets me edit:
 - task name
 - active/inactive flag
 - min/max days
 - start date

After I've created a task, though, editing these attributes is sort of a mess.

Double-clicking a task name does not bring up the editing window, as I expected. Instead, it lets me edit the task name -- useful, but less useful than giving access to all the editing options.

Right-clicking (or CTRL-clicking) the task name gives me a menu where I can edit the start date. This is also available from the Task menu.

That's 2 of 4. How do I set active/inactive? Can't do it from the task menu. Can't do it from the task's contextual menu. No, I have to control-click one of the day boxes for this task, then then select "edit target range."

I understand that active/inactive state, and target ranges can change over the life of a task, and it's a great feature that SC supports this. But I find this UI very confusing. I wish the simple "add new event" window could be made available everywhere, as that gives access to all the options in one place.