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Author Topic: Sciral Consistency For Windows Update  (Read 8259 times)
Joe Pearce
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« on: December 14, 2005, 04:17:44 PM »

A new version of Sciral Consistency for Windows is now available. Version 1.1.2 has the following bug fixes and new features:

Bug Fixes

There was a bug in sorting tasks by name where the sorting was performed in ASCII order. Now the sorting is properly done in the correct collating order for the current language.

Window positioning information in saved documents was incompatible between the Windows and Macintosh versions. This has been fixed.

The program could hang if a document was double-clicked to start the program AND that document would have been automatically opened at start-up. The problem is resolved.

If a window was minimized, maximized or restored and the task list was scrolled, the task list would not be drawn scrolled. The task list is now drawn correctly in these cases.

New Features

Tooltips now appear over task names showing the full name (in case it was too long to display) and the number of days left before the task is overdue.

In addition to the "Open documents that were open last time you quit" Preferences setting, there is now a sub-setting to indicate "Also open last document closed in previous session." This makes the program more compatible with how many Windows users close applications.

The program remembers if a window was maximized the last time it was open.

A small window opens at the start of the program showing the current version number.

Note that all these features are only in this new Windows version, although some may be added to a future Mac version.
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